Viña Baron Knyphausen

Located in the former Hacienda Santa Teresa de Llay Llay, with its mansion and centennial park which was declared National Historic Monument in 2008, Viña Baron Knyphausen produces exceptional red wines, cultivating the vines and grapes in a natural and ecological way, without residuals, pesticides or other chemical products.

The terroir of the Aconcagua Valley is blessed with excellent conditions for the viticulture with fertile soils, irrigated by the waters from the Aconcagua river, intensive solar radiation, humidity and fog from the Pacific Ocean and strong winds which ventilate the vineyards. In the original mapudungun language “Llay Llay” means “strong winds”.

In the year 1818, the family of Baron Knyphausen acquired the vineyards and the agricultural farm of the former Cistercian monastery Eberbach, in Erbach/Germany at the shores of the river Rhine in Germany. In these soils the strain Riesling was produced since 1141, giving the origin to the Riesling wines and the famous dominion of origin Rheingau.

Thus, Baron Knyphausen, with more than 200 years of trajectory in winemaking, consolidates in the same family the most prominent terroirs of Rheingau in Germany and Aconcagua in Chile.