The Vintners

The Aconcagua Vintners Association was founded in 2016 to promote wine tourism in the Aconcagua Valley. The winery members produce fine wines that reflect the soils and climate of the valley, irrigated by the mineral waters of the Aconcagua River. Additionally, the wide temperature difference between day and the night contributes to a slow, full maturation of the grape.

Many of the local wines have received international recognition from Robert Parker Wine Guide, reaching between 91 and 99 points. These exceptional scores reflect the meticulous work of the winemakers. Here in the Aconcagua valley, the vintners give their wines time to develop fully. It’s common to see one or two years of barrel aging followed by a year in the bottle before the wine is sold. Passion produces great wines.

Committed to practicing clean and sustainable agriculture based on environmentally friendly technologies, the vintners invite you to (re)discover a noble and healthful product: the wine of the Aconcagua Valley.