The Partners

In this beautiful natural environment, the partners of the association will make your trip memorable, providing you with the best service.

Entering in the valley from Santiago, enjoy the panoramic view of the restaurant La Barquera, at the Enjoy Casino, together with its five-star hotel and great entertainment.

TheInca Hotel, located in the city of Los Andes, offers the comfort of an international hotel with a centric location. Don’t hesitate to taste the creative and delicious cuisine.

Further on in the town of San Esteban, the Termas del Corazón Hot Springs offer a quiet and peaceful environment. The resort combines a modern spa, hotel, and restaurant.

On the international road to Mendoza, just before the Argentine boarder, you will find the Inca Laguna, an extraordinarily beautiful lake and home to Ski Portillo resort, which offers a wide range of activities in addition to hotel and restaurant services.

Back in the valley, in the area of Santa María, the Termas de Jahuel Hotel and SPA offers a luxury experience with a top-notch service and a panoramic view of the valley.

The association is proud to acknowledge the contribution of the Bacoring company , which supported the project through the production of a six-bottle wooden box. This showcase presents the Reserva and Gran Reserva wines produced by the six vintners.